I have been using Tom for over ten years. I first saw his work back in 1992 and was super impressed with his attention to detail and his ability to realise engaging art.  I always wanted to use Tom's artistic ability to direct the aesthetics of my business. Being a youth travel specialist we have a specific target market that Tom effectively engages by way of a number of murals and creations.  Tom’s murals are a proven talking point amongst past and present clientele and plays a central role in organic social media promotions. My business partner and I are both proud supporters of all Tom does and we love checking out what he is up to.



I commissioned a painting from Tom Cosic as a surprise milestone birthday gift for my wife.  The challenge I presented to Tom was to recreate a childhood memory on canvas, entirely on hearsay (he obviously couldn't ask my wife), and I did not have a photograph to work with.  The scene was the beach where my wife spent a happy childhood and Tom seemed to know all the right questions to get the detail absolutely perfect (right down to the exact kink in her favourite coconut tree).  My wife was absolutely thrilled with her special painting, claiming it was the most thoughtful gift she had ever received.  She insisted that the likeness of the scene was so faithful it was as if Tom 'was able to see what she could see when she closed her eyes and remembered' thereby managing to capture her favourite memory forever on canvas.



I supplied Tom Cosic a number of photographs of my wife's family property where she grew up, the sheep station, "Royston".  The resulting canvas captures the essence of the main house and triggers many happy memories for her everyday. Recording this happy time in my wife’s life was very important and Tom took the time to gather the necessary feedback during the painting process to ensure it was exactly what we wanted.  Tom’s interpretation of the historical significance of the homestead was second to none with no photograph able to capture all the aspects that this painting does in once glance.



I recently took possession of a Tom Cosic painting featuring four gouldian finches.   I used to breed them and so have a particular fondness for them.  Each finch seems alive with their own personality and often become central to my guests’ discussions as the painting hangs above the dining room table.  My guests and I are regularly in awe at how lifelike these little characters are and they have all but become constant dining companions.

I have recently commissioned two more much larger canvases from Tom specifically for the entrance of my home and also for my study.  At times I catch myself smiling at my four friends as I walk through the dining room and very much look forward to receiving the next two installments.  I have loved fine art all my life and I love that I have found someone that can combine my favourite subjects with my favourite medium in a way that is meaningful to me.



In 2014 I commissioned Tom to create a painting of a Cairns Birdwing Butterfly for my wife’s birthday . Although I picked the subject matter, I left the composition and execution entirely up to Tom. The result was stunning and so well received by my wife that I followed up with a commission for a Ullysses butterfly for my wife’s Christmas present. The painting was brilliant and we couldn’t have been happier with the results. Tom not only has talent and technique in spades but he has the ability to understand and interpret the client’s wishes.



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